Karaneh Kish coastal residentials

- The total number of residential units from 752 units in 9 blocks
- The total area of building (useful and non-useful) approximately 148,191 square meters.
-Tkmyl and delivery of all units of the Bank bought blocks D projects (124 units)
-Last state of physical progress of the project until the first half of 1395, equivalent to 52.45 percent.
-Vahdhay already sold 368 units

Considering the number of elevators highly advanced 4 points of the integrated, intelligent system coolant heater, water storage independent and also have a system of intelligent building management including features Integrated Bank of Kish, who along with other amenities and exceptional service it ensures comfort. Luxury suite Bank in accordance with the design of the world and the most stable structures, in accordance with the most advanced international standards is based.
coral are. The complex has a courtyard terrace apartments are not only independent but also usability features such as fireplaces and Jacuzzi to have. this pleasant and relaxing time for you to bring along family and finally give this collection a unique beauty.

It has all the sports facilities include an indoor pool with sauna and jacuzzi and outdoor pool (above Commercial Bank Kish is located) as well as gym halls equipped with modern machines, billiards, volleyball courts, basketball, track cycling and other sports equipment. The collection also taking into account the welfare of children dear you are attempting to build up the park green and equipped with play equipment and the associated facilities, sports (cycling, swimming, Ltd. Net and...) Other features of importance the complex is taken into account.

And finally the series halls for seminars and workshops with local and international, diverse and independent administrative units, shopping centers, mall, hypermarket and all sports facilities (swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, etc.) and service.

In order to provide maximum comfort and safety for all units, the newest systems, intelligent building (Germany) equipped And while the unique design of the units assures you that according to taste and own your dream home have. Apartments stylish and equipped with a bank of Kish lobby luxury and unique design of the bedroom comfortable, elegant living, open kitchen and modern view of the boundless sea, majestic live at home for a quiet and beautiful for you brings out.

Toilets elegant and modern equipped with valves (Italy), the sink in the kitchen, WC and cabins Zybav to apply the highest quality tools and materials in accordance with the latest architectural designs of the world, peace of mind of residents guarantee Is. Well known company anther guarantee to meet the expectations and desires of buyers respected in the provision of welfare services in the area is that it has a modern design by professionals with experience, the use of materials resistant, in accordance with the highest international standards of architectural design appropriate to consider