About Basak

ayandeh Kish "Basak" trading and investment company was established in Kish with 2 milliard Rials investment in August 1996 with the aim of attracting and using the small assets belonging to those managers and employees of Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran and also associate firms which are amenable to the law of pension fund and retirement.
This company's assets raised from 2 milliard Rials in 1996 to 750 milliard Riyals in 2016 and the number of company shares rised proportionally from 2 million shares to 750 million shares as well as the number of shareholders from 5 in 1996 to about 4,000 in 2016.

Directorate members

Dr. Alireza Mabudi                                     Chairman of the board

Mr. Asghar Torkan                             Vice chairmand of the board

Mr. Mohammadreza Mahmoudi                                        member of the board

 Dr. Babak Asadzadeh Shahir                                                         Manager